Some new additions

I decided to add a few static pages to the blog site before getting down to the main focus of what Montreal in Pictures will be about – posting pics and info about Montreal.

So now, on the right hand side, you will see a couple of additional links:

Montreal Links

Here you will find links to 3rd party sites that I find both useful and entertaining when looking to find out what’s happening around town, places to eat, party and the like.

Photography Sites

As this blog will primarily be about photography, I thought it would be useful to share great sources that I stumble across for things like tutorials, equipment reviews, web shows, podcasts etc.

Top Photographers

I keep coming across amazing photographers over on Google Plus, but something I find hard to do is remembering them – even after I set up a specific circle for top photographers as it now has over 500 in it. So I thought I would create some categories and give a short bio for each of the photographers I find inspiring. This section will certainly be a work in progress as I add new photographers as and when I discover them.

In fact all 3 pages will be added to often, so be sure to check back regularly and bookmark those you find to be of interest to yourself.

Until next time. Thanks for dropping by.

– Martin


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