Project 365 – Day 144: Place des Festival

May 23 2012

Spent a frustrating evening trying to remove 2 remaining screws on the bottom of my camera in an attempt to fix the error I got while out shooting yesterday. From reading on the web, it sounds like the problem is due to a jammed cog and I need to remove the base of the camera. Typical (for me anyway), the last screws didn’t budge and I ended up stripping the heads so much that I think my last option is to drill the heads off.

Any Nikon owners had the same error message (Error. Press shutter release button again)? If so, any tips on a fix much appreciated.

With the Nikon out of order, I reverted to my point and shoot – a Casio Exilim. I like the images it takes under certain conditions, but my choice of subject tonight was pushing it a bit. The fact I am now a dedicated RAW shooter and the Casio only shoots JPG limited the amount I could play with the image in post processing as well.

With the day ticking away and not having taken a shot all day, I rushed over to Place des Festival. Walking through the area a few nights back, I noticed there was a light display on the UQAM building, so was hoping that it would still be on – thankfully it was. I really could have done with my tripod and wide angle lens, but will head back to at least get some shots of the lit fountains when I have the Nikon back up and working (fingers crossed it will be soon).

Place des Festival at night

Place des Festival at night

UQAM light display

UQAM light display

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2 thoughts on “Project 365 – Day 144: Place des Festival

  1. Sorry to hear that you are still trying to fix your Nikon. I used a few different cameras (two Nikons) but I haven’t seen this error message. Sorry can’t help but have you tried their service # yet?

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