Capture the colour photo contest

Following yesterday’s entry in my first photo competition, I decided to enter another today that is being run by called Capture the Colour. I heard of this competition a while back but I left it to the last minute to enter with the deadline being today.


For my red image I selected an abstract shot of the tub boat Daniel McAllister that is on permanent display in the old port of Montréal. Being that the boat is only red and black, it seemed the perfect choice for my red subject.

A Tug Boat named Daniel McAllister

A Tug Boat named Daniel McAllister


I was in two minds about selecting a ubiquitous sunset shot, but except for some fire hoses and yellow school buses, all my yellow shots are predominantly sunrise or sunsets and this being my favorite shot became my selection for the yellow entry. This particular shot was taken from across the Saint Lawrence and provided the perfect angle to see the sun setting over City Hall.

Montreal City Hall all a glow

Montreal City Hall all a glow


This was one of the toughest color selections as I have quite a few images that fall into the blue spectrum. The shot I ended up selecting was a view of the BNP Paribas office tower from the base of the The Illuminated Crowd sculpture on avenue McGill College.

Reaching for the sky

Reaching for the sky


Although I had quite a lot of green candidates, I actually shot this image the other day with this particular competition in mind. I had also been wanting to experiment using the zoom during exposure technique and I liked how it produced the rays of light without distorting the trunks and foliage too much.

The spirit of the forest

The spirit of the forest


When going through my photo library in Lightroom, the majority of white shots were of snow. I’m still enjoying the summer and don’t want to be reminded that winter is fast approaching, so went instead for this shot of a water drinking fountain in front of swings that had LED lights in the seats as part of an art installation on ave du President Kennedy.

Playing on the swings is thirsty work

Playing on the swings is thirsty work


The rules of the competition ask that I nominate 5 bloggers and although it may be a bit late for them to enter the competition (if they haven’t already), they are blogs that are on my daily reading list and worth checking out:

Ellis Pictures

Nick Exposed

Red Pants and a Mustache

Zoetic Epics


For any bloggers who want to try their luck in the contest, deadline is today – check here for the details:

I’m not holding out much hope of winning (although owning an iPad would be very very nice) but it was a good editing exercise in selecting images by color – I just wish I had used color as a keyword when tagging my images 😦

To view images in gallery format, simply click on one of the images below.

Thanks for stopping by. Until next time.

– Martin


5 thoughts on “Capture the colour photo contest

  1. Hi Martin,
    Thanks for the nomination! Part of me is glad that the deadline has passed! I love playing with my new Canon but the quality is not there just yet. Maybe next time 😉
    I love your “white” picture.
    Good luck with the competition.

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