Project 365 – Day 358: A few more shots from Le Plateau

December 23 2012

Between finishing off doing some last minute Christmas shopping, I managed to grab a couple of shots around the Plateau this afternoon.

Where's the chimney?

Where’s the chimney?
ISO 100 – 18mm – f3.5 – 1/10 sec (-2ev/0/+2ev)

Rue Cherrier

Rue Cherrier
ISO 100 – 18mm – f3.5 – 1/30 sec (-2ev/0/+2ev)

Old and modern

Old and modern
ISO 100 – 24mm – f8 – 1/6 sec (-2ev/0/+2ev)

Alley under snow

Alley under snow
ISO 100 – 52mm – f5 – 1/45 sec (-2ev/0/+2ev)

Vélo on rue Cherrier

Vélo on rue Cherrier
ISO 100 – 21mm – f3.8 – 1/20 sec (-2ev/0/+2ev)

Dormer window

Dormer window
ISO 100 – 70mm – f8 – 1/180 sec (-2ev/0/+2ev)

To view images in gallery format, simply click on one of the images below.


Thanks for stopping by. Until next time.

– Martin


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