Upcoming switch away from wordpress.com

I mentioned toward the end of last year that I was considering migrating the hosting of Montreal in Pictures blog away from WordPress.com. I am now close to pushing the button and so wanted to give those of you who follow my blog a little preview of my new site over at montrealinpictures.com.


I decided to go with the Photocrati theme and signed up for hosting through Bluehost and despite a few trials and tribulations of getting the image links correct (of which there were 4,000+) and re-sizing the images to fit the new template, it wasn’t such a daunting experience.

So why move away from the comfort of hosting (for free) on WordPress you may ask ?

Good question.

I was (and still am to a certain point) concerned that leaving wordpress.com would result in losing the visitors that find my blog through the WordPress community.

That being said though, I think there are advantages to switching, namely the large selection of plugins and the ability to monetize – fingers crossed on the last one 😉

The new site is pretty much the same as montrealinpictures.wordpress.com with the only key addition being an online store where I hope I may be able to sell the odd image to help cover the hosting fees and buy the odd coffee 🙂

Hopefully – if I don’t come across too many bugs – I will make the final switch this weekend before my next post.  Before then, if you have a spare moment feel free to pop on over to montrealinpictures.com and let me know if you find any issues. I’ve tested on various browsers and everything seems to work fine, but I will be surprised if there aren’t one or two bugs waiting to surprise me :-/

Thanks for stopping by. Until next time.

– Martin


7 thoughts on “Upcoming switch away from wordpress.com

  1. I just checked out your new site, Martin. It works perfectly on Chrome and I.E. I am sure your avid followers will continue to support you 🙂

    I also did a similar move to another host (the portfolio piece of it, at least) less than a week ago ( http://www.framesandfocus.com/ ) and I couldn’t be happier.

    Best of luck on the new site.

  2. Had a quick look on a Mac using Safari 6.0.2 and all seemed to be OK during my brief visit. Using a Mac always seems to be the acid test for a site, so all good so far. Hope the option to buy proves to be a big success.

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